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President’s Update – April/May 2019

Dear Friends, I hope you have all had a very joyous Passover and had a chance to spend quality time with friends and family. In order to be responsive to our varied and diverse congregational needs [...]

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Parshat Balak

As this week’s Torah portion progresses, Balaam goes to curse the Israelites atop one of the mountains nearby. He looks out, sees the Israelites and cannot help but bless them. Most famously, he says, “How [...]

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Questions for the Gabbai Rishon

Almost every week I am asked questions that, while I answer them on the spot, could be asked by many of you. In this section, I will try to provide the answers so that everyone [...]

Parshat Chukkat

Towards the beginning of this week’s Torah portion, Miriam, Moses’ sister, dies.  In mourning for her loss, not only do Moses and Aaron stop traveling for a week’s time, the entire community of Israel stops [...]

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Parshat Korach

In this week's Torah portion we are introduced to the soon to be rebels. All that we know about them are their genealogies, but even with only that, we know a great deal about them. [...]

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What’s Happening – June 14/18

  This has been a fabulous spring for our KBI family, which increased by another new member, with the wonderful addition of Reuvi Aderet Kenter.   A hearty mazel tov again to Rabbi Eytan, Staci and [...]

Parshat Sh’lach Lecha

The image (left) is a reference to this week’s Torah reading, Sh’lach Lecha. In it, the spies visit the land of Israel for the first time and bring back some of the remarkable produce they [...]

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Parshat Naso

Addition by Subtraction As rabbis, we often encourage our congregants to explore adding more mitzvoth into their lives. We suggest eating Kosher foods, observing Shabbat, praying regularly, and giving charitably among countless other Mitzvot because [...]

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Parshat Bemidbar ~ Shavuot 2018

As Boaz counted down to his 4th birthday, there would be days where he would express an inability to wait any longer.  Why isn’t his birthday here already? We are also in the midst of [...]

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What’s Happening – May

Spring is finally here and with it a time for renewed growth and expectation. It is our distinct pleasure to welcome Cantor Jason Green and his wife Jodi and their three sons Zev, Noah and [...]