Parshat Emor

We have taken to keeping our bread products in the fridge. We were finding that after only a couple of days, the bread that was left out would be stale or moldy. So it is [...]

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Parshat Aharei mot + Kedoshim

Is Israel a Jewish country or a country for Jews?  While the vast majority of Israeli’s are not religious, I’d like to suggest that in certain very real ways, there is a Jewish character to [...]

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Parshiot Tazria + Metzora

It is hard to quantify the damage that is caused by words.  We can acknowledge that saying ill speech or sharing gossip is wrong, but it is hard to see the tangible effects of those [...]

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Parshat Shemini

Every page in the Etz Hayim Chumash, the large red volume that we use in the main sanctuary, is divided into four or five sections.  There is the Hebrew, the English translation and two different [...]

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Board Update for the Month of April ~ What’s Happening?

Dear Members, We are delighted to announce that Cantor Jason Green and his family will be arriving shortly in Ottawa to join our clergy team. Cantor Green will begin working at KBI on Monday, May [...]

Passover 2

Years ago on the History Channel, they would have specials explaining scientifically how the 10 plagues or the splitting of the Sea of Reeds could have happened.  In doing so, they are attempting to take [...]

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Passover D’var from Rabbi Kenter

We’ve been preparing for weeks.  Cleaning, prepping, chopping, and cooking, for hours on end.  And then, the day before Passover, we do something unusual.  We take some of our leftover Chametz and ignite it right [...]

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Parshat Tsav

The Haftarah for this week includes the famous verse that names this week Shabbat HaGadol. Malachi 3:23 reads, “Now I am sending to you Elijah the prophet, Before the day of the Lord comes, the [...]

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Parshat Vayikra ~ Shabbat HaChodesh

It is on weeks like this one that we wonder, how many Torahs does a congregation need?  On this Shabbat, we will be reading from 3 Torahs.  The first is the weekly Torah reading, the [...]

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What’s Happening ~ March, 2018

Dear Members, As we approach the festival of Passover, commemorating the emancipation of our people from slavery in ancient Egypt, we have much for which to be grateful and to appreciate. This has been a [...]