KBI is a SINGING SHUL – Be a part of it!

Whether led by the cantor or the choir, by volunteer sh’lichei tzibbur (prayer leaders) or our Rabbis, our services always contain singable melodies on Shabbat and holy days with which our congregation joins in! On this page, you will find a collection of many such melodies that people at KBI think of as ‘beloved’. The collection will grow over time.

As a rule of thumb, when I lead services, I do so with a particular concern for millel/mil-ra: the accents go on their proper syllables (as in the Torah, or the way modern Israelis speak). This is the way JTS trains their Cantors.

But sometimes congregational ‘muscle-memory’ for the words is so heavily informed by an older or Ashkenazi pronunciation, or a cantor from our past, that forcing all the syllables into modern alignment could deter congregational singing. Below, therefore, you’ll hear and learn these ‘historic’ melodies with the compromises I both seek and make, so that we can meet in the middle and sing joyfully together every week. That said, don’t be afraid to sing the accents ‘your way’ – it will all blend together in our beautiful prayer spaces, ascending to God regardless of where anyone places the accents of the syl-LA-bles!

It’s important to recognize the contributions of different composers in our Shabbat services. While most of the tunes below will appear on most Shabbatot, sometimes the choir and I will add in other melodies or even large-scale choral works. Do not be disappointed if you can’t immediately sing along — there are other modalities of prayer that can make a Shabbat together highly spiritual. Listening is praying with your ears and your heart, and God hears those prayers just as loudly. Over time, you’ll get to know the new melodies. They may even become the ‘classics’ like the ones on this page entrusted to me by KBI’s venerable membership!

Click the links below to stream (or download) MP3 audio files of each congregational melody.

Yours in song,
Cantor Jason Green

Shabbat Morning

Page numbers refer to the Blue Sim Shalom Siddur for Shabbat & Festivals.

P’sukei D’zimrah

Hoshia Et Amecha (p86)

Great Hallel – Ki L’olam Chas-do (p92)

Hal’luya / Psalm 150 version 1 (p100)

Hal’luya / Psalm 150 version 2 (p100)

Az Yashir Moshe – traveling melody (p102)

More coming soon…


Bar’chu / Yotzeir Ohr (p107)

Eil Adon version 1 (p108)

Eil Adon version 2 (p108)

V’ha-eir Eineinu (p111)

Sh’ma / V’ahavta (p112)

More coming soon…

Torah Service

Music coming soon


UvYom HaShabbat version 1 (p158)

More coming soon…