Learning Programs/Workshops with Rabbi Kenter

Lunch and learn

Seudah Shelishit Saturday afternoon learning

Lamazel Tov for expecting parents

Before the Huppah pre marriage classes

Service Tune workshops

Special classes for: women, new empty nesters, seniors and families Pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Scholars in Residence

Enrichment Services

Contact Rabbi Kenter for details:  rabbi@kehillatbethisrael.com

Zucker_HeadshotRabbi Zuker holds monthly Women’s Torah Study sessions in her home on subjects related to Women in the Torah and Jewish Tradition. In addition to opportunities for general adult learning, she provides support to women who are ready to enhance their involvement in Jewish ritual, such as leading all aspects of the Shabbat Service, learning how to do all bimah honours, and learning the meaning behind wearing tallit, kippah, and tefillin. If you are ready to learn how to lead a service or read Torah, Rabbi Zuker is available to coach you one-on-one or to match you with another woman in our community who can help you to prepare. Contact Rabbi Zuker for details: rabbizuker@kehillatbethisrael.com