Dear Kehillat Beth Israel member,

I’m writing to you today to ask you to join me as a member of MERCAZ Canada.  Membership in MERCAZ Canada identifies you as a supporter of the State of Israel and an advocate for an Israel that is welcoming to all Jews.

Like Kehillat Beth Israel, MERCAZ Canada is affiliated with the Conservative movement in North America and the world wide MASORTI movement for traditional Judaism.

MERCAZ advocates for MASORTI Jews in Israel and world wide.  The MASORTI movement now has over 70 active communities in Israel, including our sister congregation Kehillat Netzach Yisrel in Ashkelon.

MASORTI operates a growing network of TALI schools which provide a Jewish education to Israeli children who don’t wish to attend the orthodox school system.

Last year at KBI, MERCAZ Canada co-sponsored the Beit Ha’am program, a monthly discussion of the relationship between Jews in Canada and the State of Israel.  Membership in MERCAZ Canada costs only $18/year.  You can join by following this link:

Masorti Canada – Mercaz Canada – MERCAZ Canada Online Registration

Signing up takes only a minute.  Please remember to indicate Kehillat Beth Israel as your home congregation.

Thank you very much and kol tuv.

David Roytenberg

Your KBI representative on the board of MERCAZ Canada