Nusach 101

Cantor Green teaches a weekly, informal class on Wednesday mornings after minyan breakfast (8:45-9:15am).

In this series, learn the basics of nusach (traditional prayer melody) for weekdays and Shabbat afternoon, while studying the meanings of the prayers, the choreography (bending, bowing, etc.), Hebrew grammar and pronunciation tips and tricks, and other interesting and important information that will help participants connect better with the Ashkenazic davening traditions, such as at KBI.

As part of each session, we practice together, singing the prayers in the correct musical modes. Nobody is singled out, and there is no expectation that participants have good singing voices. There is also no commitment required to lead from the Bimah as a direct result of this course, although it will be possible for some to do so!

This is also a good introductory class for those who currently lead services and wish to do so using the proper, traditional nusach, which is important.

You can watch the series online here. The handouts are available from a link in the description of each video.