As this week’s Torah portion progresses, Balaam goes to curse the Israelites atop one of the mountains nearby. He looks out, sees the Israelites and cannot help but bless them. Most famously, he says, “How goodly are your tents O Jacob, your dwelling places O Israel.” What he saw was so incredible, that he couldn’t help but express his amazement.

This week, I have had the privilege to be teaching the staff at Camp Ramah in Canada. Looking out over the camp, one will see an outstanding waterfront, beautiful fields, and well-loved facilities. But what is most amazing looking at camp isn’t the dwelling places but the people who are living in them: the enthusiastic reaction from the campers as they arrive;  the comfort that the staff feels being together once again; the remarkable programs that they are planning and implementing for their campers; the love that they have for Boaz whom they just met this week. I cannot help but thank the Divine for the wonderful blessing that it is for Boaz and me to be here and sharing in this moment with them.

So thank you to the Almighty and also thank you to all of you for allowing me to spend this week here at camp, teaching the staff and inspiring myself. I hope to be able to continue to share this with my children for many years to come.