As Boaz counted down to his 4th birthday, there would be days where he would express an inability to wait any longer.  Why isn’t his birthday here already?

We are also in the midst of a countdown until the arrival of our second child.  The countdown to the due date has passed and now we are just eagerly awaiting him/her being ready to arrive.

There are some times in our lives when we know when something will happen and it is hard and there are other times when we don’t know what will happen and that is also hard.  All waiting is a challenge.

And that was the experience of our ancestors waiting at Sinai for God to reveal Godself, both nervous and impatient, unable to wait but also scared for the reality of the event. The celebration of Shavuot and the counting of the days until its arrival are a constant reminder of the challenges of the countdown and an acknowledgment of the diversity of feelings that it can evoke.

And on that front, looking forward to seeing you this weekend, unless our countdown has come to an end.