In this week’s Torah portion we are introduced to the soon to be rebels. All that we know about them are their genealogies, but even with only that, we know a great deal about them. Their lineage lets us know that they are from the Levitical and Reubenite clans and, therefore, feel a claim to leadership. The people that come before us often play a huge role in who we are.
Almost three weeks ago, we had a Baby Naming ceremony for our daughter, Reuvi Aderet Zemlak Kenter. As part of that ceremony, we shared that she was named for Staci and my maternal grandmothers, Royce Tucker and Dorothy Dickstein. By acknowledging and celebrating the women that came before her, we hope that she will carry on those two women’s amazing characteristics.
We are all the products of those who came before us. May we all be able to learn from their examples and carry on their amazing legacies for many years to come.