While Yizkor is not a service unto itself, special prayers are said four times a year during services on Yom Kippur, the eighth day of Sukkot (Shemini Atzeret), the second day of Shavuot and the last day of Pesach.

Kehillat Beth Israel encourages those observing Yizkor to attend the full service, not just the Yizkor prayers.

Kehillat Beth Israel publishes the names of departed members and relatives in the Shabbat Sheet who are being remembered that week and again in the monthly Shul Bulletin. The names are also read from the bimah during Shabbat services.

If you have Yahrzeit and would like to have an Aliyah to honour the memory of your loved one, please contact the office.

For those who are observing Yahrzeit during the week of:

June 30 – July 06     Parshat Balak


Bella Abrahamson

Hans Adler

Abraham Belman

Lena Bernstein

Jennie Bindman

Miriam Cantor

Etta Cherun

Irving Chodos

Dr. Albert Feingold

Charles Finkelstein

Ida Gaffen

Lena Baker Glatt

Bertha Green

Paul Greenbaum

Roger Greenberg

Hyman Hymes

Jack Kacew


Esau (Isaac) Kerzner

Sarah Kimmel

Irene Kronick

Merle Eve Margles

Ben Pearl

Hyman Polowin

Esther Rabinovitch

Samuel Rabinovitch

Yetta Schwartz Segal

Allen Silberbach

Ignaz Stossel

Ethel Taylor

Marie Rose Theriault

Barry Wiesenfeld

Marianne Wolfe

Zlota Zunder

Ha Makom Yinachem