Shabbat Services

  • Shabbat Morning: 9:00am
  • Kehillateinu runs every Shabbat of the school year at 10:00am in the chapel.
  • Babysitting runs every Shabbat in the Family Lounge and Playroom at 9:30am until end of Services.

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Weekday Services

Monday-Friday 7:30am* and 6:00pm (Mon-Thurs)
Sunday & Statutory Holidays 8:30am* and 6:00pm

*15 minutes earlier on Rosh Chodesh

Shabbat Times
May 04

Candle Lighting

May 4, 2019 @ 7:55 pm

During the upcoming High Holy Days, Cantor Green invites the entire congregation to sing along with him and our new KBI Choir. You can listen to and learn some of the melodies they will sing using the media player right here on this page — some are beloved congregational favourites, and some will be new. Either way, they’re yours to ‘own’ on the day!

(Early) Shana Tova!


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For those who missed these inspirational March of the Living (MOL) speeches on Shabbat, May 26, you may read them here. Please click for Daniella Springer’s  and Shelli Kimmel’s  MOL speech.  Thank you to these individuals who gave us such inspirational insights.

A request from MERCAZ CANADA

The month of July at KBI

Every Monday
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Every Thursday
1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Every Thursday
10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

NEW INFO! Sponsorship of a Syrian Refugee Family

Check out the latest update on the Alsahar family, the Syrian family in Lebanon being sponsored by the Shalom Group (representing our shul plus ORH and Adath Shalom). 

Hello everyone,

It’s official as of Wednesday morning. After interviews, medical exams and security checks, the Government of Canada informed the Shalom Group today that the Alsahar family has been accepted as permanent residents of Canada.

We also have a date for their arrival in Ottawa. They are scheduled to leave Beirut on Monday June 11 or Tuesday June 12 (we are still waiting for flight details). We know from experience that the family can be bumped up to the last minute, but it seems they will be here to experience the Canadian summer. We couldn’t have wished for better timing – the family will have some time to settle before the two eldest kids (7 and 5) head off to school in September.

Now is the time that our network of volunteers from KBI, Or Haneshama and Adath Shalom will be mobilizing to get things organized for their arrival. As we get to know the family and a bit more about their needs and interests, we’ll touch base periodically with the Tov Team and others in the congregation who would like to get to know/ support the family. The Alsahars will have lots to deal with but their priorities will be housing, English language classes, getting their kids settled and  managing their finances.

Through the generosity of several families in the Jewish community, we are probably okay for furniture, but we may need help with things like a used computer, carseats for the kids, and eventually winter clothing for everyone – we’ll put a shout out when we need to.

Congregants who would like to volunteer for a particular team are invited to contact any of the following folks from KBI: Larry Lithwick –; Barbara Levine –

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Shabbat Alternatives

  • Each Shabbat Mincha, we hold “Learning & Leftovers”.  Join Rabbi Kenter (or another of our Clergy) and have a stimulating learning session while having “Se’udat Shlishit”. Please check the calendar for times as it varies in the summer months.
  • Torah Study with Rabbi Deborah Zuker.  Join Rabbi Zuker for parallel learning sessions on Shabbat mornings focused on weekly Torah portions.

Kehillat Beth Israel is more than just a place to pray. Synagogue members enjoy an array of services and support when they become part of our community. We offer a welcome environment to all, and are creating new programs and approaches to meet the needs of people’s lives at all ages and stages.